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Disney World Florida Ticket – What’s Available

Aside from your Disney hotel, the most important purchase you will make at the theme parks is your Disney World Florida ticket. This ticket is your pass that will get you into the theme parks of your choice as well as any other attractions. When visiting Walt Disney World, it’s important to know what kinds of tickets are available to you. If you know your options before you go on vacation, you can save a lot of time while waiting to purchase your Disney World Florida ticket.

It is important to know that Disney does offer one-park tickets. These tickets are offered at the ticket counter of every one of Disney’s theme parks. If you want to purchase a one-day ticket, you need to recognize that you will only be able to visit the one park at which you purchased the ticket. If you plan on visiting any of the other theme parks, you should probably go with the Park Hopper pass.

The standard ticket is typically thought of as the Park Hopper pass. This Disney World Florida ticket allows you access to at least all four of Disney’s major theme parks. With the Park Hopper pass you can get into any of the four parks as many times each day as you wish. The Park Hopper is useful because it lets you customize your stay as much as you want and not be forced to stay the entire day in one park. You can purchase the Park Hopper at any of the four major theme parks as well as online at Disney’s official website. If you purchase your Disney World Florida ticket online you have the choice of having them mailed to you via the postal system or you can pick them up at the Guest Relations counter at any one of Disney’s theme parks. Sometimes you may even be able to pick up your tickets at the Guest Relations desk at your Disney hotel.

If you want to visit Disney’s two water parks, you can also add the admission onto your Park Hopper pass. By choosing to purchase this kind of Disney World Florida ticket you will actually save money in the long run as Disney typically discounts the water park admission if you bundle it with the park admission. You can add the water park admission on to your Park Hopper pass at any of Disney’s four major theme parks. You cannot, however, purchase a Park Hopper pass at the water parks. The two Disney water parks only offer tickets exclusively for that specific park.

The Park Hopper pass is the best option if you plan on visiting more than one theme park or water park. With any of the tickets, however, you can purchase tickets for an extended period of time. You can even purchase an Annual Ticket which provides you with admission for a full year after you make the purchase of your Disney World Florida ticket. Whatever kind of ticket you choose, knowing your options will allow you to obtain the best Disney World Florida ticket to meet your need.

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