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Walt Disney World Florida – The Theme Parks

The focal point of Walt Disney World Florida is the four major theme parks. The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's MGM Studios and the Animal Kingdom all feature amazing rides, attractions, shows and restaurants that keep bringing visitors back to Walt Disney World Florida time and time again. While there are other activities to do at Walt Disney World Florida other than the theme parks, it is these four major parks that give Disney World its immense popularity.

The first and main theme park at Walt Disney World Florida, the Magic Kingdom, is considered by many to be the icon for the entire complex that is Walt Disney World Florida. Cinderella's Castle is the icon for this park and is one of the icons for Disney as a corporation. Many of the rides that are considered to be classic are located at the Magic Kingdom as well. From Space Mountain to the Jungle Cruise to Splash Mountain, there are a variety of rides and attractions at the Magic Kingdom.

The next park, Epcot, is only a short monorail ride away from the Magic Kingdom. Epcot's icon appears to be a large golf-ball like structure right at the entrance to the park. This ball, which contains the ride Spaceship Earth is one of the most recognizable icons at the park. Epcot is home to a variety of technological activities. Innoventions features a changing array of technological displays that are very hands on. You can often try out the newest and latest technology for yourself. There are also several thrill rides at Epcot including Test Track and Mission Space. If technology is not your thing, the World Showcase features pavilions from several countries. Each pavilion has stores and restaurants with merchandise and cuisine from that country.

A boat ride away from Epcot is Disney's MGM Studios. This theme park at Walt Disney World Florida features a theatrical theme as the park is designed to have old Hollywood glamour. There are many thrill rides including Aerosmith's Rockin' Rollercoaster and the Tower of Terror. MGM Studios also hosts several live shows that demonstrate stunts and skills that are needed in the movies.

The newest theme park at Walt Disney World Florida is the Animal Kingdom. The Tree of Life stands at the entrance to the park and features the carvings of hundreds of animals. Kilimanjaro Safari is one of the most popular rides in all of Disney World as it features a ride through recreated African environment with live animals roaming around you and your vehicle. There are also several live shows and restaurants making the Animal Kingdom a very popular new theme park.

These four theme parks help make Walt Disney World Florida a very popular vacation spot for people of all ages. With the variety of attractions and rides at these parks, there is something for everybody. While some theme parks center around thrill rides, Walt Disney World Florida strives to provide an even balance of rides and other attractions so everybody has an excellent vacation.

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